What to wear

The MOST important thing is for you to wear what you're comfortable in. No, that doesn't mean sweatpants... but clothes that you feel confident in. They fit properly, fit your personality, and you feel good. You don't want to constantly tug on your clothes, reposition them, etc. If its too tight, loose, low cut, then choose something else.


Still need guidance?... Below is what I find photographs best and has less distractions so we can focus on what really matters. Your gorgeousness!

Screen Shot 2018-08-28 at 9.44.54 PM.png


Stay clear of bright bold colors. Fluorescent colors don't match most natural environments. The color will also reflect off of your skin. Crazy patterns, logos, and perfectly matching each other is also NOT recommended. Logos and bold patterns will be distracting. Matching will not give enough contrast between you both.  

Stick to more neutral colors. That doesn't mean just tan and grey! Just more earthy tones. They photograph beautiful and will work with most skin tones. So instead of lime green, go forest green. Yellow=mustard... Red=maroon...


In-home sessions... casual is best! You are supposed to be all cozy at home, so dressing up for this type of shoot would not make sense. More simple, more skin, and more cuddles! Jeans, tees, tanks, boxers, etc. Props are welcome! No newborns in buckets, but anything you do naturally at home. Blankets, mugs, puppies, pillows, baking, showers/tubs. This will personalize your session, and give you more than just kissy photos!

Outside/nature session you can get away with casual or dressier clothes. This is more based on your personality and your style. Long flowy dresses are gorgeous and give movement to photos. However, casual clothes are also super cute and allow for running and jumping. Either way... make sure you're able to sit, laydown, or run in the clothes. That way I can give you more prompts and you'll get more options for your photos.

Screen Shot 2018-08-16 at 10.24.14 AM.png

Give it up

I mentioned before having less distractions in your photos. This way the photo will focus on your faces and love!

Remove watches before the session starts. Most are too big and it ends up being a focal point in the photo. (see example)

Remove anything from your pockets. Phones, keys, and wallets. You don't want to see any outlines of these in the front or back of your pockets. 

I will have a backpack with me where we can store these essentials for you during the session.