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Hello! My name is Stephanie, I grew up in Maryland, moved to North Carolina, and now Italy! I'm currently part time in Italy and the US. Contact me wherever you are... I love to travel!

I have always loved photography. From an early age I would sit in my grandparents living room and pull out all the photo albums. I would sit for hours and admire the old timey pictures as my grandmother would tell me who the distant relatives were. I've spent so much money in disposable cameras growing up and getting the photos developed brought me so much joy! However, I have upgraded my equipment and will bring along something a little nicer for our photo session. ;-)

I'm a secret introvert but am not afraid to make a fool of myself while photographing you... anything for a photo and get those smiles! I absolutely LOVE my job. Capturing memories for you to cherish is such an honor. I want to make sure my clients are 100% happy with their photos. I consider them friends and family and will go above and beyond! Let's hang!