Stephanie has been doing Video Production since 2006. She attended The Sheffield Institute for the Recording arts in 2009 and has worked for companies including Creative Paradox, Monachetti, and DMH Productions. 

My Story

I first discovered Videography just like every other child finds their hobbies… at a summer camp. I went to a camp for the performing arts. Luckily, I can't sing, dance, or act (at least do those things well enough for me to take it seriously). That left me with video. I felt good, I had picked up enough cameras in my lifetime. I'm the one who was always taking pictures, no matter what. Yes, I was once one of those obnoxious girls taking a zillion pictures of nothing. I apologize. But I had never picked up a professional camera, one with an Iris. In a way I was out of my element and in another, I had found my home. 

I haven't turned back since. Enrolled in some college video classes, got an internship, went to film school, and found a job. I worked in Video Production in Annapolis, MD for 6 years. In 2012 my husband and I relocated to Charlotte, North Carolina. Moving 8 hours away proved difficult for my art form. Its not easy being a freelance artist and starting over somewhere new. So, my passion got set on the back burner while we started to build a life for us down in the south. After a couple of years, my desire to pick up my camera again grew so strong I couldn't ignore it. So here I am, trying to make it somewhere new and unfamiliar. New city, new clients, new market, but the same me.